Staff Catering

Staff Catering

Bouffage Catering is one of the best catering companies in Dubai offering exceptional staff catering services. We at Bouffage know that staff catering plays a vital role in maintaining employee satisfaction. In order to meet your needs, we offer a variety of menu options tailored to their dietary requirements and allergies. 

Nutritionally balanced yet delectable food, through a company offering the finest staff catering services can improve not only the well-being of your staff but also have a positive impact on their productivity and the work environment. 

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Exceptional Experience

As part of our mission, our staff catering services include healthy food options that do not compromise on taste. However, it does not end here. With every detail taken care of, Bouffage Catering strives to provide an excellent service. All aspects of the meal preparation, including delivery and logistics, are coordinated efficiently and precisely.

By doing so, our staff catering services ensure that the food is delivered on time and meets your specifications. We can provide you with more details about the customization options of our menus if you request a quote or contact our team of experts. We will tailor a product that fits your business and budget. 

Regardless of the type of office catering Dubai needs, we have got it. From a closely-knit small team to a large staff spread into various departments we can cater to all your corporate catering needs.  

Bouffage Catering puts your needs first. Your company deserves a service designed and created by our detail-oriented team of planners and chefs. Passion and excellence are at the core of our company’s philosophy, ensuring that you receive unsurpassed culinary experiences with beautifully presented foods. 

We Take Care Of Your Staff

In addition to getting sick less frequently, healthy employees are also less prone to chronic diseases, which can reduce employers’ health insurance costs. Catering healthy lunches to employees at the office could reduce sick days and increase productivity. 

Employees can save time and energy by having catered lunches delivered to the office instead of dining out for lunch or taking extended lunch breaks. By providing an anchor for other things to be scheduled around, catered lunches will help employees manage their time more effectively. By reducing their reliance on eating out, they can save money. 

Secondly, Staff catering services enable employees to come together to socialize and mingle. A small gesture like providing breakfast or lunch for your employees can contribute to improving office culture and boosting employee morale. Social interaction is incredibly important, and while most of an employee’s time is spent at their desk, having office-catered lunches will bring people together and boost team rapport. 

Considering that the time employees spend at work is relatively large, it’s imperative that they enjoy their workplace culture and colleagues. But as an employer, you do not have to stress over finding the best office catering services in Dubai as Bouffage is your answer to that.

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Hiring staff catering services can encourage employees to spend their lunch hours at the office. As a result, they are able to interact with their colleagues and return to work timely. 

You can demonstrate a genuine concern for your employees’ health by providing breakfast or lunch through staff catering services. 

Serving balanced meals is a healthier alternative to mass-produced foods and unhealthy snacks. This illustrates the company’s commitment to health and wellness while demonstrating its strong company culture. Study results indicate that 56 percent of people are “extremely happy” or “very happy” at their current jobs. However, this number rises to 67% when companies offer free food at work.

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Why Choose Us for Staff Catering?

We offer the best office catering Dubai has to offer as we simplify your tasks by managing the hassle that an individual will have to go through when including staff catering in their employee-retention programme.  Among these are planning, organizing, purchasing, preparing, serving, risk management, etc.  

As pioneers in staff catering services, we offer quality checked food that is diverse in nature and variety. Our efficient planning establishes time management and includes a hygienic and appetizing presentation.

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What Kind of Cuisine Do We Offer?

A variety of cuisines are served at Bouffage. Our priority is to make sure you never feel disappointed when you entrust us with one of your biggest assets, employees! In order to provide our customers with a variety of cuisines, our chefs create the following:

  • French Cuisine 
  • Italian Cuisine 
  • Mediterranean Cuisine 
  • Continental Cuisine 
  • Chinese Cuisine 
  • South Asian Cuisine 
  • And more International Cuisines

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The choice of expert and reliable staff catering services is not an easy one. To assist you, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about this.

Q: What is staff catering?

Complete catering services that are designed and provided for employees, teammates, or office staff. This includes, food, décor, waitstaff and more.

Q: How do I book Bouffage?

You can firstly visit our website to read about us and then give us a call on +971 4 591 1198 or write to us on We will get back to you. We will discuss and customize everything according to your requirements and satisfaction.

Q: Can Bouffage accommodate to dietary requirements?

Yes! Bouffage can create a customised menu according to the dietary restrictions of your guests. That is what makes our private event catering a highly specific and unique one.

Q: What is Bouffage’s catering speciality?

Bouffage offers almost all the popular cuisines and specialises in Mediterranean, and Continental. From appetizers, finger sandwiches, canapés, high tea to main course. Bouffage’s menu consists of all.

Q: What size team can Bouffage’s staff catering services handle?

Bouffage has been in the catering business for several years. Therefore, we are qualified to cater teams of all sizes, small, big, or large scaled. 

Q: Can I order non-alcoholic drinks through you for my corporate event?

Yes, you can order non-alcoholic drinks through Bouffage. We have a wide range of beverages available for your events.

Q: Are staff catering services expensive?

Staff catering services are customizable, and the prices can be altered according to what you decide to add into your menu.

Q: Is Bouffage reliable?

Bouffage has a vast clientele and has worked on all types of events. We have a loved and appreciated social media presence as well as reputation for a reliable and the finest office catering services in Dubai.

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“The menu can be customised! my team loves their salads!”

Hailey W.P, Project Manager

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My go-to catering company! I have always hired them for my team, and personal functions too!”

Bilal H. Khan, Business Development Manager

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“Cordial team, organised services, great prices too!”

Suha Choudhry, HR

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