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We know you have been looking for a committed special occasion catering company for a special day. Having special event catering professionals, is like a cherry on the cake for your big day. Your special occasions are adorned by delicious food, and such food comes from special event catering service providers only. One of the leading among such is Bouffage Catering 

Bouffage aims to make the process of hiring a special occasion catering company accessible. All you have to do is, give us a call on +971 50 154 2652 and mention your dietary requirements, preferred cuisine, and your choice of dishes.

Bouffage then will send over a customised quote to you, thus eliminating any unwanted dishes or wastage. You can also visit our website and learn more about us or write to us on info@bouffage.ae we a member of our team will contact you shortly. 

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Bouffage Catering is a high-end Dubai-based special occasion catering company that combines elegance and quality for the ultimate guest experience. Culinary services of the highest quality are what we offer to bring your ideas to life.

Providing clients with delectable menus to suit every taste is the hallmark of our catering services. Using the finest ingredients, our chefs craft delectable flavour combinations for you. 

Special Event Catering

Special occasion catering is an indispensable part of your special event as it is directly associated with the food. Many a times, guests forget other details of the event but remember the food! Bouffage makes every special event a memorable one with its delectable menu. 

We Make Your Event Special 

As effortless as it may appear, organising an event is a tedious job. It requires days of planning, organising, shopping, managing, and executing. When it comes to managing the most important element of the event – FOOD- Bouffage takes charge.  

Varieties of menu and diversity of dishes, Bouffage leaves no stones unturned in making your special event even more special. So why wait? Ring us up! 

What Kind of Cuisines
Do We Offer?

Clients who have previously hired our special occasion catering services believe our food and catering executions are the highlight of our services. Using quality ingredients and creative cooking, our menus satisfy every taste bud. 

Bouffage Catering is one of the top special occasion catering service providers in addition to delivering stress-free, distinctive, and exquisite cuisine. Here are some of the cuisines we have to offer: 

  • Asian 
  • Middle Eastern/Arabic 
  • International 
  • Mediterranean 
  • Continental

Experience the most exquisite special event catering that UAE has to offer. Ring us up to get a customised menu designed according to your needs.

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Bouffage Catering specializes in providing the highest quality special event catering in Dubai, Ajman & Sharjah to ensure the best guest experience. Providing delightful menus tailored to the individual needs of our clients is the goal of our catering service. In conducting its activities, Bouffage adheres to several ethical principles, including: 

  • Remarkable work environment and decorum 
  • Delivering an equilibrium of nutrients 
  • A highly enthusiastic workforce 
  • Client partnership and trust over a long period of time 
  • Having a high level of customer service expertise 
  • Delivering the highest quality of service possible 
  • In-depth knowledge of food and beverages
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In order to make the right choice, it is imperative to hire reliable and professional special occasion catering services. Our team has answered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the same.  

Q - How do I book Bouffage?

Firstly, visit our website to read about us and then give us a call on +971 4 591 1198 or write to us on info@bouffage.ae. Please expect a response from us shortly. Our goal is to satisfy your requirements and customize everything according to your preferences

Q - Can Bouffage accommodate to dietary requirements?

Yes! Bouffage can create a customised menu according to the dietary restrictions of your guests. That is what makes our food catering company a highly specific and unique one. 

Q - What is Bouffage’s speciality?

Bouffage offers almost all the popular cuisines and specialises in Mediterranean, and Continental. From appetizers, finger sandwiches, canapés, high tea to main course. Bouffage’s menu consists of all.

Q - What size of special occasion catering can Bouffage handle?

Bouffage has been in the catering business for several years. Therefore, we are qualified to host special events of all sizes, whether they are large weddings, huge corporate events, or backyard barbecues.

Q - Do you have a staff of waiters to serve at events?

Yes. A qualified service staff will take care of all your catering needs, whether they are formal plated meals, family-style dining, or buffets.

Q - Can I order non-alcoholic drinks through you for the party?

Yes, you can order non-alcoholic drinks through Bouffage. We have a wide range of beverages available for your events.

Q - Are special event catering services expensive?

Special occasion catering are customizable, and the prices can be altered according to what you decide to add into your menu. 

Q - Is Bouffage reliable?

In addition to working on a variety of events, Bouffage has a vast clientele. The service we provide is loved and appreciated through social media, and we have a reputation for being a reliable, quality, and reliable special occasion catering service in Dubai.

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Catering Company Dubai

I hired Bouffage for our annual Christmas party and I must say, I made an amazing decision! 

- Susanne, Business Development Manager

Catering Company Dubai

Bouffage made my special day even special. We still discuss how delicious the food was whenever we watch our wedding videos. 

- Musa Kazim, Entrepreneur

Catering Company Dubai

Everyone’s favourite at my workplace! We always hire Bouffage for all our special occasions. Thanks, Bouffage!  

– Teressa, Marketing Manager

Catering Company Dubai

Bouffage’s food was a cherry on the cake at my parents’ silver jubilee anniversary. Kudos to them for making our party memorable. 

- Maria Ahsan, Content Writer

Catering Company Dubai

Such professionalism, efficiency along with delicious menu is truly a rare combination. Way to go Bouffage! 

- Dhaid, Entrepreneur

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Are you set to hire our special occasion catering services? Because Bouffage is!  You can call us on +971 4 591 1198 or +971 50 154 2652 and discuss your requirements accordingly. You can also write to us on info@bouffage.ae and we will send you a custom quote based on your requirements.   So, hurry and contact us today!