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Bouffage Catering offers a range of catering services in Dubai that our extensive clientele takes delight in. When it comes to feeding large groups of people like a company staff or children, the main goal is to get nutritious and healthy.  

We know finding a trustworthy caterer that can deliver high-quality meals is not easy. Bouffage Catering is an all-encompassing solution for catering services. Our health-oriented approach makes our services the most professional catering services.  

Catering Services Dubai
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Who Are We

Our catering services in UAE and our hospitality are enjoyed since the birth of Bouffage.  

Bouffage Catering, in the simplest of words, is the most reliable and trustworthy partner when looking for professional catering services. We provide complete event solutions. Be it a large-scale event or a small-scale one. A formal gathering or an informal one, a wedding, corporate event, or private jet catering! We truly have you covered.  

An event has multiple levels of tasks and planning involved, mismanagement of even one of these areas can lead to all the work going downhill. Food is the centre of attention hence, Bouffage makes sure the catering aspect of the entire event is quality-controlled and managed seamlessly.

Bouffage Catering

from wedding planning, managing to catering. Bouffage does it all! Let our Bouffage wedding catering experts plan, manage and cater on your special day.

We cater a variety of private events, including birthday parties, business meetings, weddings, anniversaries, and more.

We can design a tailored solution for any early morning meeting, formal lunch with clients, cocktail reception, or large business conference

Bouffage Catering brings an unforgettable culinary experience to your private dinners.

The comprehensive catering menu from Bouffage gives your employees healthy food choices. 

As corporate catering specialists, we have the experience, menus, and manpower to cater to different client requirements across multiple sectors and taste buds.

Catering Services Dubai

Public event’s flawless outcome requires turnkey solutions. Bouffage’s catering services will provide you with just that, a memorable public event. 

You can share a joyful moment through a cocktail party, let Bouffage make sure you have a great one!

Want to host a successful social gathering? Leave it to our expert event planning and delectable menu. 

Enjoy a variety of menu options that will leave your guests awe-struck. Make your special occasion, truly special. 

The occasion of a birthday offers the perfect opportunity to share fun and love. Make this birthday count with the best catering services in Dubai- Bouffage

Appealing to look at and nutritious to taste, we provide indoor and outdoor catering services for kids’ parties.

Why Choose Us

It is fair to be peculiar when choosing the best among various professional catering services. But what makes our services one of the best and most reliable catering services in UAE?

A Sense of Calm 

We have extensive experience with successful event planning, catering, and logistics, ensuring peace of mind for you. As your consultant, we help you work through all of the details and then execute them. You can count on our professional team to ensure the success of your special event.  

Food that is Delicious and Quality-Controlled 

No matter what you decide, whether it’s our tried-and-true canapes, live stations, snack boxes, etc., we’ve done it and can make it work for your event. 

Catering Services Dubai

We offer a comprehensive range of services 

From simple pick-ups to fully staffed events, we offer a full spectrum of services. It doesn’t matter if you are serving 25 or 500, we have done it before and can do it again and better each time, hence making our services among the most efficient catering services in Dubai. 


We can provide you with delicious food and excellent service regardless of your special event budget. We meet and exceed client expectations through our food and service to meet nearly any budget through our experience, creativity, and flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Picking out the best one among various options available under the best catering services in Dubai and the UAE can be difficult. Therefore, Bouffage has answered few questions that may arise when choosing a catering service company:

Q: What is catering services all about?

Catering Services plan, manage, and cook, and service everything related to “food” and “menu” at an event. They provide appetizers, main course, beverages, deserts and more.

Q: Why hire a caterer for your events?

When you hire a caterer, you can focus on your event and guests and spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests. A caterer’s daily job is to manage food and beverages of big and small events; therefore, they know what they have to do and how, and can carry out events without any hindrances. 

Q: Are Dubai catering services expensive?

Catering services are highly customizable. You can add and remove items and services according to your budget, therefore catering services are not expensive.

Q: Who offers best catering services in Dubai?

Bouffage Hospitality, UAE based events, hospitality and catering company offers the best catering services in Dubai!

Q: What do we have in our menu?

Bouffage Hospitality has an all-inclusive menu that includes appetizers, both (cold & hot), beverages (cold + hot), main course, live stations, barbecue, canapes, finger sandwiches, sliders and more. Call +971 4 591 1198 to know more. 

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