Private Events Catering

Bouffage Catering holds a reputation as the most reliable private events catering service provider in the UAE. Allow us to astound you with our private events catering! Our services ensure to transform your venue into a show-stopping experience for you and your guests.

In addition to outstanding food, creative presentation & excellent service, our team will provide you with a prestigious private event catering experience. Sit back, relax, and plan your guest list, and we will take care of the rest. When planning an event, it’s all about the details. Food that inspires, décor that sets the mood, and service that is friendly yet not overbearing are a few of the factors that make the event memorable, and reliable private catering services stand out among others.

Bouffage is here to provide an unforgettable private event catering that will astonish and delight your guests. Our team takes care of everything from idea to menu design to execution so you can concentrate on enjoying and being the host.

Whether you need private catering services for a small gathering or a large event, Bouffage Catering and its team will make your event a memorable event. Creating the ultimate culinary experience with a unique presentation is the philosophy at the core of our business. The team is passionate and committed to providing outstanding customer service and delivering unmatched culinary experiences. We ensure that we exceed our clients’ expectations and create lasting memories at Bouffage Catering.

Private Catering Services

An event’s soul and centre of attention lie in its food. Consequently, opting for private catering services that do not just manage your event systematically but also provide flavoursome food is vital.

With industrial modernisation and western influence, it has become rare in the UAE to find food that does not only appear good but also has an authentic taste to it. Our private event catering company works and thinks conventionally yet unconventionally! Yes, this in the sense that Bouffage keeps the conventionality intact by providing aromatic and delectable food and still adds the modern touch to the food’s presentation.

At Bouffage, we ensure that we make your private event catering worth the time, effort, and money.

Wedding Catering

Our private event catering company ensures to provide you with hassle-free wedding catering services. A wedding has multiple responsibilities to take care of, so we see to it that you do exactly that and leave the rest of the job to us.

Private Party Catering

Everything you need to get your party started, Bouffage has it! From beverages, canapes, and appetizers to live stations, venue arrangements, and planning. Our party catering services have you covered.

Birthday Party Catering

An occasion that arrives only once a year is worth a good celebration. Our birthday party catering services make your day special and make it even more memorable.

Kids Party Catering

It can be quite a task for any private event catering company to customize a menu that is loved by the kids, but Bouffage’s experience and expertise make it an easy job. Our kids party catering services will have the young ones fall in love with food.

Special Event/Occasion

A special occasion is made special through the systematic execution of a perfect plan. Bouffage does just that, plans, manages, and executes venue, menu, food, décor, and more at your special event.

Cocktail Party Catering

Make your cocktail party a night to remember with Bouffage’s cocktail party catering. We provide more than private event catering services, we set the mood right.

Live Station Catering

Our interactive stations provide a unique experience to get a sense of what it is like to be in the kitchen with our chefs. Your guests can pick the ingredients and our chefs will prepare delicious meals live!

Get Together

Want to host a successful social gathering? Leave it to our private events catering expert's event planning and delectable menu.

Private Dinner Catering

Bouffage Catering brings an unforgettable culinary experience to your private dinners by providing exceptional private dinner catering services.

Providing Professional Catering Services in Dubai

If you are wondering what makes our private events catering the best, then the answer is our experience, teamwork, and hard work. Bouffage has been at the forefront of professional catering services in Dubai and other Emirates including catering services Sharjah and Ajman. We have and still continue to offer not just the most reliable but also the best catering services.

Providing an exceptional dining experience is the mission of our contemporary, full-service catering company. You can rest assured that our menus are personalized according to your needs. We are dedicated to providing excellent food and service.

The finest beverages, professional staff, tantalizing food, and the best décor arrangements can all be found here.

Private Events Catering | Bouffage

We follow the procedure of

  • Planning
  • Managing
  • Delegating and
  • Executing

to ensure that there are no bottlenecks on your special day’s special occasion. Bouffage leaves no stones unturned in make your event noteworthy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many options available under the finest private catering services, making it difficult to choose the right caterer. Bouffage has therefore answered some of the questions that may arise when choosing a private events catering services:

Q: What is private event catering?

Complete catering services that are designed and provided for private events such as weddings, VIP dinners, birthday parties etc is called private event catering.

Q: Can Bouffage accommodate to dietary requirements?

Yes! Bouffage can create a customised menu according to the dietary restrictions of your guests. That is what makes our private event catering a highly specific and unique one.

Q: What is Bouffage’s catering speciality?

Bouffage offers almost all the popular cuisines and specialises in Mediterranean, and Continental. From appetizers, finger sandwiches, canapés, high tea to main course. Bouffage’s menu consists of all.

Q: What size events do we handle?

Bouffage has been in the catering business for several years. Therefore, we are qualified to host parties of all sizes, whether they are large weddings, huge corporate events, or backyard barbecues.

Q: Do you have a staff of waiters to serve at events?

Yes. A qualified service staff will take care of all your catering needs, whether they are formal plated meals, family-style dining, or buffets.

Q: Can I order non-alcoholic drinks through you for our private event?

Yes, you can order non-alcoholic drinks through Bouffage. We have a wide range of beverages available for your events.

Q: Are catering services expensive?

Catering services are customizable, and the prices can be altered according to what you decide to add into your menu.

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