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With our private dinner catering services, you can transform your house into a five-star restaurant. Bouffage Catering offers you an excellent customized catering service whether you’re hosting a small private event or a romantic evening with your special someone.

You will receive customized experience beginning from the initial meeting with our professional event planning team. Your preferences and any dietary or allergy restrictions will be discussed. All that’s left to do is kick back, unwind, and enjoy a delicious and sophisticated dinner at home. We have a group of talented chefs that work quickly and creatively to provide the tastiest meals.

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Private dinner catering

Leading Pioneers of Private Dinner Catering 

Bouffage Catering has been offering complete catering solutions since its establishment. Private dinner catering has been one of our most loved services. We believe in providing our clients a bespoke solution and a flexible menu. This is one of the prime reasons why our clientele is diverse. On a bigger picture, our expertise is hospitality, and therefore, we put our hard work and passion in what we offer.  

Customize the menu options dazzle your guests with delicious cuisine and first-rate service. Staying consistent with our promise to provide more than just catering, we work to provide a superior culinary experience. All of our dishes are prepared using the finest, most recently sourced ingredients, enabling our chefs to create the most amazing and delectable dishes. 

Experience A ‘5-Star Restaurant’ At Your Private Venue!

Bouffage’s private dinner catering has been assisting Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah & UAE residents & citizens with great service and show-stealing food for years at their homes, on yachts, and in the desert. Whether you require private catering for a party for 200 guests or a baby shower for 20 guests, we can help. We offer menus for both informal and formal gatherings. Our artistic event planners will offer suggestions and lead you through the procedure. Our private dinner catering includes a professional chef who prepares all of our dishes on-site (on request) to ensure that they are delicious, ready when promised, and elegantly presented.   Throughout the event, a supervisor will always be there to make sure that service is prompt and personable. So let the Bouffage crew amaze you by eliminating the stressful work out of planning your upcoming party!

Why Choose Us for
Private Dinner Catering?

Bouffage simplifies your life by doing all the labour you would otherwise have to perform. These covers organizing, planning, purchasing, cooking, cleaning up, and planning and serving at your private get together. Give us a call, describe the kind of event you’d desire, and we’ll arrange it all.

As the top private dinner caterers in the UAE, our staff provides:

  • Quality-assured food  
  • A wide range of dishes to suit all age groups 
  • Prompt delivery  
  • Appealing presentation  
  • Wide range of cuisines and food options 
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Cuisines Offered at Our Private Dinner Catering  

Bouffage’s experienced chefs can prepare Mediterranean, Continental, Arabian, Asian, Italian, or American dishes in any style.

As your private dinner catering organizers, we understand your need for a memorable evening. We, as one of the most reputable private dinner catering services in Dubai, strive to win over even the pickiest eater.

Hiring an expert caterer for your private event presents you with multiple food options and presentation ideas.

Additionally, we make sure all your dietary requirements are met and covered in our cuisines.

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Catering Company Dubai
“They are my favourite! I hired them for 3 of my sisters baby shower parties and the food was amazing!” 

Ayesha Khan, Social Media Manager 

Catering Company Dubai
“Excellent service. I highly recommend Bouffage!”  

Bilal Asif, Web Developer 

Catering Company Dubai
“If you are hiring Bouffage, I suggest you must go for their Live Stations! They combine food and entertainment. Love their grills.” 

Amaani Abbas, Lawyer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bouffage understands it is not a second decision to choose reliable and professional wedding catering services. You may come up with various questions regarding the same and that is why we have answered some of the frequently asked questions.

What is Private Dinner Catering? 

The term “private dinner catering services” refers to comprehensive catering services created and offered for private parties, home parties, desert parties, small gatherings, yacht parties, and more. This covers the cuisine, the setting, the wait staff, and more. 

How Do I Book Bouffage? 

You can always visit our website or our social media to read about us. Once you feel satisfied by our testimonials, services, and cuisine, give us a call on +971 4 591 1198 or write to us on We will get back to you in no time. We will discuss and customize everything according to your requirements and satisfaction.

Can Bouffage accommodate to dietary requirements? 

Yes! Based on your visitors’ dietary limitations, Bouffage can design a menu specifically for them. That is what distinguishes and sets apart our private dinner catering. 

What cuisine is a specialty of Bouffage's? 

Bouffage specializes in Mediterranean and Continental food and offers practically all of the prominent cuisines. from canapés, high tea, finger sandwiches, and appetizers through the main course. There are all on the menu at Bouffage. 

Can Bouffage host private dinners of any size? 

Bouffage has been in the catering industry for quite a while. As a result, we are capable of hosting events of any scale, whether large or private dinner parties, lavish weddings, enormous business gatherings, or backyard barbecues. 

Is there a waitstaff available from Bouffage to serve guests at events? 

Yes. Your catering requirements, whether they be formal plated meals, family-style eating, or buffets, will be handled by a trained service personnel. 

Can I use you to place an order for non-alcoholic beverages for my private party? 

Yes, you may order alcohol-free beverages on Bouffage. For your gatherings, we have a large selection of drinks. 

Are private dinner catering services expensive? 

Private dinner catering services menu is flexible, and rates can change depending on the extras you want to include or exclude in your menu. 

Is Bouffage trustworthy? 

Bouffage has worked on a wide range of events and has a sizable clientele. Our social media presence is well-liked and appreciated, and we have a solid reputation as the best and most dependable private dinner caterers in the UAE. 
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