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live Stations Catering has become increasingly popular. This is due to the element of entertainment it adds to the party. Moreover, it adds the ‘freshness factor’ to the menu. Food is a love language often used to express gratitude and affection towards your loved ones or guests. Bouffage, is most definitely fluent at it!

We offer flexible and bespoke live station catering services and bring entertainment and life to your party. Bouffage’s Live station create delectable, highly hygienic dishes that are tailored for a variety of occasions.

Make your upcoming event enjoyable and memorable by providing your guests with entertaining and delectable pasta, grills, or a live Shawarma station!
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Why Live Station Catering?

There is no lie that live stations are the centre of attention at any party. Whether it is at a corporate event, at birthday party or a wedding reception, live stations are the new ‘must have’ for a party. Here’s why:

  • Live stations keep your guests entertained while fulfilling the main purpose of feeding them. 
  • Live stations serve personalised portions.  
  • Highly customisable! If you do no not wish to add a certain ingredient to your meal, you can request so and customise your meal at the live station.  
  • It is the focal point of the venue. It adds an extra element of décor and entertainment to your venue.  

Why Choose Bouffage’s Live Station Catering? 

We use the finest grade culinary services to make your ideas become a reality. Bouffage Catering is a professional catering company situated in Dubai that combines refinement and excellence for the ultimate guest experience. To meet the requirements of each client, we continually offer a delicious gastronomic trip. Our talented chefs create delectable flavour combinations using the best ingredients to create our trademark food, which they serve to you.

We all know, if there is one thing that is remembered and cherished for a very long time about an event, it is the food. Bouffage ensures, your guests have a great time when it comes to food.

We have chefs who specialise in live station catering. From scrumptious pastas and grills to absolutely fresh and flavoursome Shawarmas and more. Get in touch with Bouffage to know more.

Cuisines Offered by Us

Clients who have used our live station catering services in the past believe that our cuisine and catering executions are the best part of our services. Our recipes use high-quality ingredients and innovative culinary techniques to please every palate.

Bouffage Catering is a leading provider of live station catering services in Dubai addition to offering uncomplicated, distinctive, and top-notch food. Here are some examples of the cuisines we offer:

  • Middle Eastern/Arabic  
  • International  
  • Mediterranean  
  • Continental 

Discover the finest catering the UAE has to offer. Call us to create a menu that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In order to make the right choice, it is imperative to hire a reliable and professional cocktail party catering company. Our team has answered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the same.

What is live station catering? 

In a live station catering, the chef prepares the meal while the guests are present and watching. This is the main difference between a live station and a buffet layout. The buffet menu food is made ahead of time and delivered to the venue.

How can I book Bouffage?

You can read more about us on our website and then give us a call at +971 4 591 1198 or send an email to We will contact you shortly. Everything will be discussed and tailored to your needs and pleasure.

Bouffage offers dietary accommodations?

Yes! In accordance with your visitors’ dietary limitations, Bouffage may design a special menu.

What is Bouffage’s catering speciality?

Bouffage specializes in Mediterranean and Continental food and offers practically all of the prominent cuisines. from canapés, high tea, finger sandwiches, and appetizers through the main course. Our menu at Bouffage, is quite an extensive one. 

What size of events can Bouffage manage?

Bouffage has a long history in the catering industry. Therefore, whether it’s a backyard BBQ, a major wedding, a corporate event, or a party of any size, we are capable of hosting it. 

Do you have a wait staff to serve during events? 

Yes. Your catering requirements, whether they are for live station catering or buffets, will be handled by a trained service staff.

Can I order non-alcoholic drinks through you for my event? 

Yes, you can order non-alcoholic drinks through Bouffage. We have a wide range of beverages available for your events.

Is Bouffage trustworthy?

Bouffage has worked on a wide range of events and has a sizable clientele. Our social media presence is well-liked and respected, and we have a solid reputation as the best catering company in Dubai.
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Catering Company Dubai
“Bouffage brought life to my sister’s wedding reception with their live grills!” 

Asma Jawad, Interior Designer

Catering Company Dubai
“My favourite live station caterers. I would 100% recommend.” 

Carol Ramos, Realtor

Catering Company Dubai
“Such professional and friendly staff! Very skilled chefs. Loved their work” 

Joy Lobo, Crypto Trader

Catering Company Dubai
Highly recommended! Love them.

Meezaan Shaikh - Executive Director

Catering Company Dubai
Their Mediterranean menu is my personal favourite and my wife loves everything served by them.

Abdel Hassan - Entrepreneur

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