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Bouffage Catering understands the true essence of “Emirati” hospitality and brings to you traditional Emirati Fuala. If you are looking for a catering company that can provide you traditional Fuala while keeping both, the culture, and flavours intact, Bouffage has got you covered. We understand and celebrate the culinary roots of traditional Emirati food and thus bring to you the best.
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Delicacies Served by Bouffage as a Part of Emirati Fuala

Fuala can vary from a simple to a fancy one. Even a simple Fuala is culturally rich and an essential part of traditional Emirati food. It contains Aseed (porridge), Khabeesah (pumpkin mash), Balalit (Emirati pancakes), Luqaimat (dumplings served with date syrup) and even fruits.

Bouffage can serve you both! Furthermore, we also offer morning and evening Fuala.

How Does Bouffage Keep the Tradition of “Emirati Fuala” Alive?

“Fuala” is an authentic tradition that is firmly embedded in Emirati folklore and shines like jewel in the crown of traditional Emirati food. Emirati culture, generosity, and pride are all associated with popular conscience, as well as the Emirati household.

Bouffage’s work ethics are highly influenced by the Emirati heritage and thus we understand it thoroughly. As a result, we offer a combination of tradition and flavours in a single spread.

The word “fual” or “fawal” comes from a good omen that brings good news. In other words, it means the food you serve to your guest, whether he or she is a relative or a stranger.

What Does Fuala

Below are few of the traditional Emirati dishes that are a part of their cultural breakfast Fuala. Bouffage takes pride in serving them to you.

  • Baleelat: It’s a tasty combination of sweet and salty. This breakfast dish combines omelette and vermicelli. Balaleet is both a breakfast and dessert. The balaleet is served warm for breakfast, but cold as a dessert.

  • Shakshuka: Simply put, Shakshuka consists of scrambled eggs with tomato and pepper. It is an easy and nutritious breakfast dish you can make with everyday ingredients and a single skillet.

  • Chabab: This thin, crisp, and sweet bread resembles an American pancake. The name Chabab is derived from cooking bread until it has turned golden on both sides.

  • Khameer: A puffy, round flatbread with two layers that separate easily, khameer bread looks like dinner rolls. This bread is sweetened with dates instead of sugar.

  • Khubz Regag: Whole wheat Reqaq (Regag) bread is crispy and thin. A staple in Emirati homes, this is the most common type of Emirati bread.
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  • Dango: In essence, it’s boiled chickpeas with red chilies. It’s the Emirati version of Hummus. Salt and spices are added to the chickpeas instead of making a paste.

  • Luqaimat: Served with date syrup, these sweet fried dumplings are made of milk, sugar, butter, and flour. Luqaimat is one of the most famous traditional desserts.

  • Aseeda: A classic pumpkin dessert. It’s also called Assidat al Boubar

  • Al Batheetha: This is a simple but delicious dessert made from dates. The batheetha can be flat or round, like a cookie or a ball. Sesame seeds and nuts may also be used to decorate it. Rather than being a dessert, Babeetha is more of a cookie made with dates. Emiratis’ favourite snack to go with Arabic coffee.

  • Arabic Coffee: The most essential part of Emirati Fuala is the Arabic Coffee that brews conversations and highlights the hospitality.

The Modern Day “Fuala”

With changing times and influence of various cultures Emirati Fuala have changed shapes. This however should not be misunderstood as a loss of the traditional Fuala or traditional Emirati food.

Modern day and traditional Fuala are co-existent. In fact, Bouffage specialises in so. We can provide either of the two or the blend of both.

Modern day Fuala consists of cakes, chocolates, juices, fruits. Moreover, they are presented in different styles and manners.

As important as the types of Fuala themselves are the utensils used to serve them. In addition to being distinct, they are also traditional.
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Bouffage did a fabulous job with the catering for my husband’s birthday. The food was excellent and beautifully presented, my guests loved it.

Cynthia Charles, Property Consultant

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The staff were excellent and responsive, taking care of all of our needs. I will certainly use them again for my other functions, as I believe their catering company is the most excellent.

Jamal Khan, Freelance Digital Marketer

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Bouffage provided Middle Eastern food for my son’s birthday party, and I must say it was delicious. Their waitstaff is well trained and services are great. Thanks, Bouffage.

Nouri Mostafa, Entrepreneur

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Get in touch with Bouffage if you would like to organise a traditional Emirati Fuala for your guests. Discuss our menu or design one on your own. Simply call 04 591 1198 or write to us on info@bouffage.ae and indulge in the taste of traditional Emirati food.