Do Corporate Catering Services Work Well for Team Building?

Often one might wonder, why are corporate catering services while some may look up what corporate catering services are. If you are either of the two, you will discover the answers to both the questions: –  

  1. What are Corporate Catering Services? 
  2. Why are Corporate Catering Services Necessary? 

Additionally, we will enlighten you about how can corporate catering assist in the team building of your employees.   

Firstly, What is Corporate Catering?

The act of serving the employees of any business or organization is known as corporate catering. The caterer arrives at the workplace when the admin calls to take orders from each employee.

They then depart and return with the food, or the staff members can go to their establishment, which may be a food truck or a physical structure. Depending on the terms of the two parties’ agreement, the service may be either occasional or ongoing catering. 

Team building and Corporate Catering Services Can Be Paired to Enhance Esprit de Corps

Some employers conform to the philosophy of “all work, all the time,” which states that every event held on company time or property, regardless of the occasion, must have a commercial component. Even when the purpose of the event is to celebrate a work anniversary, a retirement, or the receipt of an incentive award, this will frequently include allusions to company performance or even a formal presentation by a senior executive. 

The employees may not be highly motivated by this, even though it may meet the employers’ goals to send over a message as frequently as possible.  

The influence of employee morale on teamwork and productivity can be felt on either side of the productivity and teamwork scale. Employers may want to organize team building activities around catered lunches to assist in boosting/maintaining the morale of their teams and avoid the possible negative effects of an all-business mentality. 

Corporate Catering can help you as an employer to: -

  • Show their gratitude towards all of their personnel. 
  • Directly affect team spirit and genuine teamwork. 
  • Give employees a way to mingle and build a stronger rapport.  
  • Serve the crew a fantastic lunch at no additional cost 

In order to bring employees together over a fun activity and some delicious food, corporate catering services from the experts at Bouffage Catering would be the perfect component. The activity should be selected in a way that: 

  • Everyone can participate 
  • Is fun but not time consuming 
  • Does not require much physical exertion 
  • Is agreed upon by everyone in the team 

Following are some suggestions that would work well with a lunch catered by a company: 

  • Games like indoor bowling and bingo 
  • Visits from local figures or groups 
  • Competitions that foster participation and creativity 
  • Workshops for personal development, like financial planning 
Lunch catering with choices on the menu to suit all preferences and requirements 

Undoubtedly, the choice of menu items will have a significant impact on the overall effect and result of a team building activity that involves lunch catering. Catering menus must take into account a number of things, including: 

  • Cold and/or hot options 
  • Healthy options 
  • specific dietary restrictions 
  • Service time allotted or available 
  • service category (buffet, seated meal, packed lunchboxes) 

Bouffage, one of the leading corporate catering companies in Dubai, recognizes the significance of such factors and possesses the expertise required to organize, staff, and serve meals for corporate team building events to the complete satisfaction of the planners and their participants/teams. 

Any combination of the following can be found on the corporate lunch menu provided and served by the Bouffage staff: 
  • Meat, fish, egg salad, and vegetarian sandwiches and wraps 
  • Mediterranean, Asian, Caribbean, and more signature wraps 
  • Salads: organic, potato, macaroni, Greek, three-leaf, and Caesar 
  • Pitas and enchiladas are specialties (multiple fillings and garnishes) 
  • Middle Eastern salads and dips are provided with the chicken shawarma.
  • Pastas come in a variety of varieties and are eaten with a variety of sauces. 

Other Benefits of Corporate Catering Services: -

Corporate catering might be recurring, occurring monthly or regularly: The good news is that offering corporate catering to your staff is neither unreasonably expensive nor requires you to be as big as Amazon or Microsoft. You can choose the number of times you want to get food catered for your staff. It can vary from every day, to weekly or monthly! 

Promotion of Healthy Eating Habits: Serving balanced meals is an excellent substitute for junk food and bulk-produced meals. It demonstrates a strong corporate culture while highlighting the organization’s commitment to health and wellness. A healthy staff will be more productive.  

Retention: It can be challenging to find and hire a diligent team, so giving your HR department as many benefits as you can improve your chances of luring top candidates. Furthermore, according to some research, the cost of hiring, training, and onboarding a new employee might range from 6 to 9 months’ worth of pay, thus it is better to retain the existing staff. Providing two or just one meal during the day to your staff works as an incentive and helps to retain them.  

A Smart Solution is Better than A Costly One!

Numerous companies invest a huge amount on retreats, treasure hunts, escape rooms, excursion, and other pricey team initiatives in an effort to keep their workforce interested. The fact of the matter is that these initiatives typically fail because staff members don’t find them helpful and may even dislike how much time and work it takes to put on the event. Often, it only results in waste of time and money.  

When you cater breakfast or lunch or even for your staff, you are reducing an expense from their daily budget! This method of saving keeps them interested.  

Types of Corporate Catering

While different caterers provide various alternatives, there are some commonalities that you will notice everywhere. Five basic types of corporate catering are listed below: –  

Single or Individual Orders: Each employee submits a request to the caterer, frequently through the HR admin. Each person receives their own lunch.  

Platter: Almost anything is available on platters. A platter could come with 20 sandwiches of your choice from three different types, a range of sides, or a few desserts. These typically provide you a few options and enable you to offer variety at a fair price. 

Food Van: Several caterers allow you to reserve a whole food truck for a set amount of time. Such form of corporate catering is suggested to be hired only for special occasions as it requires a large number of people as well as.   

Popup Stalls: The caterer’s crew sends two or three staff to your office to accept orders from your employees. It’s exactly like dining at a restaurant, only you don’t have to leave your office. 


The world’s best businesses prioritize helping their staff members, attending to their needs, and developing a sense of community. Over the last few decades, more businesses have started to understand the value of having an employee-focused corporate culture. 

Feeding your staff may be the most effective way to accomplish this goal. Community is forged through eating with others and has long been an ingrained part of the human experience. 

Viably, having lunch jointly encourages conversation. Not only does this foster deeper relationships among the participants, but also somewhat mimics the “sheer happenstance” impact of an open workplace. When your employees are not in a conference room, people are more open to sharing their ideas, and anyone could overhear a dialogue that inspires them. 

Research has shown that workplace food perks are strongly correlated with employee satisfaction. Among full-time workers, 56% reported being satisfied with their current job; that figure jumped to 67% for those who had access to free food at work.  

If you are ready to enhance productivity at your workplace and are looking to hire a top-notch corporate catering company, be sure to dial +971 50 154 2652 and get in touch with Bouffage.  

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