Birthday party catering

Birthday Catering

A day that comes only once every year must be cherished and celebrated along with good food and hassle-free birthday party catering.

Birthday celebration in Dubai is a time for friends, family members, and co-workers to come together to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Either you choose a venue, or you want to host the birthday party in your home, whether you would like a detailed buffet or small party catering, Bouffage’s birthday party catering services will take care of all the details of feeding your guests. You do not have to worry about it. Whether you’re in search for a kids birthday event planner or plan a party for your spouse, we have got you covered!

Birthday Party Catering
Birthday Catering Services

Professional Birthday Party Catering

To make your birthday celebration in Dubai a memorable one, you must go for professional birthday party catering. A few benefits of birthday party catering are as follows: –

Food for Your Party: To make your birthday a truly memorable experience, you should consider birthday party catering so that you can enjoy your birthday without compromising on the food. Having a birthday party is all about having fun, offering entertainment, giving gifts, and of course, enjoying the food.

Time Efficiency:There is a lot of planning that goes into throwing a birthday party. When you hire birthday party catering services, you won’t have to worry about setting up the food yourself. Consequently, you can manage your time more efficiently.

Professional Setup:Birthday party catering provides professional services. You can have in a themed décor in addition to delicious food. The caterers will arrange it in an extremely appealing manner.

Our birthday party catering is for all, from kids to adults! Whether you like to throw king-sized parties or are a minimal who loves to go for small party catering, Bouffage knows just how to make you happy. If it is your birthday or the birthday of your little one, you can count on Bouffage to make that day even more remarkable.

We Turn Your Party into Memories

Whether you require a small party catering or a big one, it is a wise idea to hire professional birthday party catering services to make your or your loved one’s big day extra special. Bouffage only know how to make your birthday party in Dubai, a special one. We also offer birthday catering services in Ajman, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.

In preparing the menu, we take into account the theme, location, and time of the event. We bring catering ideas that will make your party memorable and joyful for your guests. Regardless of where you plan to celebrate your loved one’s birthday, we have the right plans for you.

In the case of a home event, we include food stations with platters. It is possible for Bouffage to set up a live kitchen on your terrace or open space for snacks, kebabs, popcorn, chocolate fountains, etc. These are suitable for any function.

You can simply book a banquet hall if you have many guests you cannot accommodate at home. Everything else will be handled by us. Through all our hygienic practices, we ensure that your guests will remember the taste of your food for a lifetime. Bouffage Catering Services Dubai ensures it is not just another service you opt for but memories you create and cherish for a lifetime.

What Kind of Cuisines
Do We Offer?

Chefs with years of experience can prepare any type of food, including Mediterranean, Continental, Arabian, Asian, Italian or American dishes that will please your taste buds.

As your birthday party organizers, we understand your need for a perfect yet fun time. We, as one of the best birthday catering services in Dubai, strive to win over even the pickiest eater.

We present multiple food possibilities and presentation ideas for your birthday event when you hire an expert caterer.

Birthday Catering Dubai | Bouffage Catering

Why Choose Us for Your Birthday Party Catering?

Bouffage makes your life easier by taking over all the work you would normally have to do. This includes planning, organizing, buying ingredients, preparing, serving, cleaning up, and preparing, serving for your birthday party. Give us a call, let us know the type of event you want, and we will get everything set up for you.

As a leading birthday party catering company in the UAE, our team delivers:

  • Foods that are quality checked
  • Diverse dishes that cater to all ages
  • Timely delivery
  • An attractive presentation
  • Get a variety of foods from us!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our company knows it is not an easy decision to choose an expert and reliable birthday party catering company. We have answered some frequently asked questions regarding the same in order to assist you.

Q: What is Birthday Party Catering?

Complete catering services that are designed and provided for birthday parties are called birthday party catering services. This includes, food, décor, waitstaff and more.

Q: How do I book Bouffage?

You can firstly visit our website to read about us and then give us a call on +971 4 591 1198 or write to us on We will get back to you. We will discuss and customize everything according to your requirements and satisfaction.

Q: Can Bouffage accommodate to dietary requirements?

Yes! Bouffage can create a customised menu according to the dietary restrictions of your guests. That is what makes our private event catering a highly specific and unique one.

Q: What is Bouffage’s catering speciality?

Bouffage offers almost all the popular cuisines and specialises in Mediterranean, and Continental. From appetizers, finger sandwiches, canapés, high tea to main course. Bouffage’s menu consists of all.

Q: What size birthday parties can Bouffage handle?

Bouffage has been in the catering business for several years. Therefore, we are qualified to host parties of all sizes, big or small birthday parties, large weddings, huge corporate events, or backyard barbecues.

Q: Do you have a staff of waiters to serve at events?

Yes. A qualified service staff will take care of all your catering needs, whether they are formal plated meals, family-style dining, or buffets.

Q: Can I order non-alcoholic drinks through you for my birthday party?

Yes, you can order non-alcoholic drinks through Bouffage. We have a wide range of beverages available for your events.

Q: Is birthday party catering services expensive?

Birthday party catering services are customizable, and the prices can be altered according to what you decide to add into your menu.

Q: Is Bouffage reliable?

Bouffage has a vast clientele and has worked on all types of events. We have a loved and appreciated social media presence as well as reputation for a reliable and the finest birthday party catering in the UAE.

Q: Can Bouffage Cater to Simple Birthday Parties?

Yes! Bouffage has and can offer small party catering. We can create a customised menu with minimal cutlery. 

Q: Is Birthday Celebration in Dubai Expensive?

Birthday celebration in Dubai can range from lavish to minimalist. Bouffage specialises in crafting custom menus, this eliminates the need of paying for anything extra and does fits your budget well. We recommend to get in touch with us and discuss about your preferences.  

Q: Is Bouffage a Kids Birthday Event Planner Too?

Yes, we are a reliable kids party event planner too! Bouffage provides comprehensive catering and event planning services and thus cover kids party event planning too. If you are in search of a reliable team of kids party event planners, get in touch with Bouffage. 

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Catering Company Dubai

Bouffage did a fabulous job with the catering for my husband’s birthday. The food was excellent and beautifully presented, my guests loved it.

Cynthia Charles, Property Consultant

Catering Company Dubai

The staff were excellent and responsive, taking care of all of our needs. I will certainly use them again for my other functions, as I believe their catering company is the most excellent.

Jamal Khan, Freelance Digital Marketer

Catering Company Dubai

Bouffage provided Middle Eastern food for my son’s birthday party, and I must say it was delicious. Their waitstaff is well trained and services are great. Thanks, Bouffage.

Nouri Mostafa, Entrepreneur

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Wondering How to Make Your Birthday Celebration in Dubai Amazing?

Are you organizing a birthday celebration in Dubai and want to astonish your visitors with a delectable food experience? Bouffage Catering should be your first choice!

We understand that your birthday is a special occasion, and we aim to make it an outstanding affair for both you and your guests. Besides that, Dubai is indeed a city of celebrations and owing to that, the birthday celebration must be the one to remember.

Do not settle for less. Give it a special culinary experience by letting Bouffage elevate it. Get in touch with us right away to begin organizing your party, and we’ll handle the rest for you!

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Planning your or your family member’s birthday party? Well, do not do it without the expert birthday party catering services. Simply call us on +971 50 154 2652 to plan and execute the best birthday party. If you have any further questions or want to drop us some feedback, write to us at You can also fill out our contact form and one of our cordial team members will get back to you in no time. So, reach out, and let’s get your party rolling with the best birthday party catering company in UAE!